“Ru’s Mural has transformed what was an ordinary dull stairwell into a bright imaginative and stimulating area for the Nursery and Reception children. They are now talking and thinking creatively as they go into their classrooms. We are really very pleased with the wonderful Hot air balloon Race mural that Ru has painted”.
Headmaster, Simon Marfleet of Thorpe House Langley Preparatory School

Further comments from parents:
“Amazing Work”, “Colourful and Imaginative”, “It’s Fantastic”, “My two year old loves pointing out the animals and making the noises”, “Emily loves the pictures and likes Winnie -the-Pooh and the Pirate Ship the best!”

10th August 2018

4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. The painting of my terrance in Sounio and the surrounding landscape was truly lovely. I will treasure this painting and recommend you to friends. Thank you very much. Gioti K.

  2. Ru’s work is second to none, what a talent!! I’ so grateful for the piece she did for me. What a lovely person and great artist!! Thank you Ru, I’ll be placing orders soon.

    You are a very talented lady.

    Warm wishes, Lorraine xx

  3. I first met Rudolphine when I was helping to care for her beautiful daughter Fleur In the Jenny Lind unit at the Old N & N Hospital.
    Rudolphine transformed many areas of the ward with her delightful & imaginative murals of thought provoking, child appropriate murals.
    As a children’s nurse I could use the murals to distract nervous, anxious children.
    Rudolphine’s beautiful work really enhanced the children’s ward.
    Fleur is inspirational like her mother. I feel lucky to think of them as friends.

  4. Rudolphine is such a talented artist.
    My kids showed her pictures in their favourite story books and she created the perfect murals.
    They love them and they have sparked so much imagination x

    Sophie Fulford

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